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Radiomaster TX12 MKII

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Nové vylepšené rádio TX12 Mark II nabízí hallové gimbaly, interní ELRS modul a EdgeTX firmware. 

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The Mighty, Mini TX12MKII radio has arrived! 

Many years ago, RadioMaster set out to create the very best compact radio in its class. The TX12 has become the go-to product for pilots who seek a powerful, dependable, and endlessly upgradable open-source radio in a small form factor.

Working with the R/C community and open-source partners, RadioMaster proudly presents the TX12 MKII, a class-leading compact radio, with updated ergonomics, hardware, and software.


TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Launch Video


  • Added internal ExpressLRS module support
  • Updated main board design from STM32F207 to STM32F407
  • Improved USB-C QC 3.0 Charging
  • Precision hall-effect gimbals as standard
  • EdgeTX operating system installed from the factory
  • Updated rear case with comfortable grips
  • Improved S1 / S2 slider grip
  • SD Card included
  • Provide M1 and M2 modes


  • Rozměry: 170*159*108mm
  • Váha: 363g
  • Frekvence: 2.400GHZ-2.480GHZ
  • RF Chip: ExpressLRS (ELRS)
  • Working Current: 320mA@8.4V
  • Napájecí napětí: 6.6-8.4v DC
  • Radio Firmware: EdgeTX (Transmitter) / ExpressLRS (RF module)
  • Kanály: až 16
  • Displej: 128*64 Monochrome LCD display
  • Gimbaly: Hallové
  • Šachta na externí modul


EdgeTX Operating System

Preinstalled with EdgeTX, the RadioMaster TX12 MKII has cutting-edge software that is constantly evolving and improving. RadioMaster works closely with the EdgeTX team to develop features and optimize the user experience. We will continue to contribute and support projects like EdgeTX, ensuring the concepts of open standards are carried forward. TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Updated MCU STM32F407

We have upgraded the main processor from STM32F207 to STM32F407.TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

New Hall Gimbals

With Hall Gimbals, the same chipset as the AG01, optimized hall sensor circuitry, improves center point positioning and temperature stability. TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Support USB Simulator

TX12 Mark II Radio ControllerTX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Improved USB-C QC 3.0 Charging

TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Big Battery Bay

Allows for dual 18650 or dual 21700 Li-ion cells, or 2S Lipo up to 74×60×22mm.
TX12 Mark II Radio Controller


Allows for Bluetooth connection to PCs, tablets and phones with BLUETOOTH function to play simulators and games. 
* ELRS version only.


Upgraded Design 

TX12 Mark II Radio ControllerTX12 Mark II Radio Controller

Radio Overview

TX12 MKII Quick Start Guide

TX12 Mark II Radio Controller

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TX12 Mark II Radio Controller