1.2GHz diverzitní modul


Diverzitní modul Skyzone 1.2GHz pro FPV brýle

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9CH wide band (1080MHz to 1360MHz)
Diversity Receiver
Button control and LED indicator
Compatible with SKYZONE Goggles

The 1.2GHz vtx can get better coverage and penetration than 5.8GHz VTX
The VRX is a diversity receiver, which gets more range and coverage than the normal 1.2GHz receiver.
How to change the CH,
Hold the button for 2s to into setting mode, and press the button to change CH, no button control for 3s, the vrx will save and quit the setting mode.
For the stock antenna, it suggests using at CH 4/5/6/8 to get the best range

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1.2Ghz diversity receiver X 1
1.2Ghz 4db antenna X 2