BetaFPV Lava 1s 300mAh

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Novinka od výrobce BetaFPV - Lava 1s 300mAh baterie pro whoopy.

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  • LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery
  • Kapacita: 300mAh
  • Rozměry: 63.5*11*6.4mm
  • Hmotnost: 8.3g
  • Power: 1.14Wh
  • C-Rate: 75C
  • Typ baterie: LiHV
  • Napětí: 3.8V
  • Konektor: BT2.0 Connector
LAVA 1S 300mAh 75C Battery (5PCS)
The below picture shows the discharge report of the battery.
LAVA 1S 300mAh Battery

    Z-Folding Process

    The Z-Folding Process Battery demonstrates remarkable performance and versatile capabilities. Leveraging its low internal resistance, it enables efficient high-current discharge within shorter time frames, resulting in elevated discharge platforms. Compared to the Winding Process Battery, it achieves a 0.2V higher discharge platform under equivalent loads, ensuring consistent and robust power output, additionally, it boasts a 5% higher energy density within the same volume, accompanied by an extended cycle life. The Z-Folding Process allows precise customization of electrode sizes based on lithium battery dimensions, optimizing control over battery size and shape. Its battery performance is superior, with a wider range of options for appearance and shape, and its applicability is also broader compared to the Winding Process Battery.